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A-Frame Hoist

I built this hoist about 10 years or so ago. As you can see here it does a pretty good job. Inside the barn. While I made allowances for the inside clearance, I forgot to double-check the door opening, which

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Lawn Roller 2.0

My dad got hold of an old 250 gallon propane tank that had been thoroughly cleaned and properly purged of flammable substances, and with the help of a friend of ours built this to replace the smaller roller we had.

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The Floor is no place to store wood

As anyone who works with wood knows, it doesn’t take long before you have it stacked everywhere, and realize a lumber rack might not be a bad idea. In our case, the thing had to be movable, and had to

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Lawn Roller 1.0

Here’s an early lawn roller we built from a chunk of pipe that was about 2 feet in diameter with 1/2 inch walls. Used 1/2 inch plate for the ends, and made a frame from some 3 x 3 x

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