A Brief Glimpse Into My World…


I’m Curt, author of this site, and I’ve been making things pretty much my whole life. Early on it was electronic stuff, but I often helped my dad with some of his woodworking projects, and developed an interest in that as well.

I spent the majority of my working career with a government contractor that installed and maintained radar systems. Most of those systems are used in air traffic control, and  can often be found on or near an airport. Some, however, are in more scenic locales, such as the one pictured below:


After spending a few years outside the US in support of a specialized radar system, I found myself able to seriously consider retiring. Still getting used to the idea of not having to go to work every day, but have managed to keep busy with various projects that were more or less ‘on hold’ due to all the traveling.

Speaking of projects, most are things I want for myself, and tend to fall into one of three categories:

Category 1 — things I need, but would rather not buy

Category 2 — things I want, but don’t really need

Category 3 — things I make simply to see if I can make them

For the foreseeable future, most of my projects will likely fall into one of the first two categories, but I know at some point the mood will strike, so to speak, and I’ll take on something from category three.

Just to see if I can….













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