Dining Table Revisited

You might remember my post a while back about making the oak dining table top. For some unknown reason, the damn thing decided, after more than two years mind you, to warp.

Wood moves with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, so the occasional seam opening up or even small cracks forming are to be expected. I can deal with that, but this crazy thing turned into an airplane propeller and became totally unusable. Needless to say, a replacement was in order. Here’s what we came up with:


This top is laminated maple and measures four feet by five feet and is just under two inches thick. As you can see we kept the old pedestal, but added the black circle, made from two layers of Baltic birch plywood, below it to better distribute the weight. Since the old chairs no longer fit with the table, we decided to replace them with benches out of the same material as the top.


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