Adding to a pole barn

After thinking about for a couple years, my dad and I finally got around to building an addition to this building.


We decided on post-frame construction for this project. Posts need holes however, and in our area they have to be 4 feet deep in order to meet code. Code also requires each post sit on a 4 inch thick, 12 inch diameter concrete pad placed at the bottom of the hole. And the best way to make a bunch of holes that size is a drill.

Before drilling any holes however, we wanted to make sure the electric service to the building was out of the way, so we asked a friend who specializes in that sort of thing to lend a hand:


Turned out we had to move the electric slightly, and once that was done we replaced the metal on the front of the old building with OSB sheathing, and started setting posts:


Followed by headers and rat boards:


Then it was on to installing roof trusses:


And OSB sheathing:


Before going too much further, we put the forks on the tractor and removed the original asphalt driveway from inside the addition as well as in front of it:


Once the roof was closed, the asphalt we removed was replaced with concrete:


After the concrete had time to set we put the personnel door in, then broke out the underlayment, shingles, and the coil nailer and finished the roof:


Last but not least…siding and trim:


The plan, at this point, is to replace the metal on the rest of the building with OSB and siding so it matches the addition. I’ll post it when it’s done.




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