Building a bathroom vanity

It all started when I woke up one morning wondering how hard it would be to build a replacement for my otherwise useless bathroom vanity. Wound up re-modeling the entire bathroom and replacing every water line in the house, but I think it’s best to save that story for another post, and talk instead about the vanity.

Since the big pile of wood in the shop had a bunch of cherry in it, I decided that would be a good choice for this project. And, since this thing would be sitting in a corner, there seemed to be no need in building a traditional cabinet when a sturdy framework would do:


As you can see, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s more than strong enough to do the job.

Strips of cherry were glued together to make the top, and a row of screws added along the edge to give it a bit of an industrial look:


After making a couple doors, and a trim panel for the end, the whole thing was given a few coats of polyurethane and put in its permanent home:


Shortly after seeing this, a friend decided she wanted one. Decided to get a bit fancy for this one and build it using oak and walnut. Since she liked the look of the screws around the top, those were added as well:


Here’s a quick look at it after it was installed at her place:


Turned out there was one more vanity on the list, but this one had to be big enough to hold two sinks. It also seemed like a good time to get even more creative:


Went with cherry again for the frame, but chose maple for the top, which measures 2 feet by six feet by 1 1/2 inches thick. And probably weighs more than I do. The floor of this one is oak, and had to be custom-fit around the plumbing.


Decided to use walnut, and what I believe is chestnut for the doors to make this truly one-of-a-kind. I should note here that the area to the left in this picture used to have one of those garden tubs in it, which was removed (since it was never used) to make a small sitting area and provide room for this nice oak towel cabinet:


Nothing too complicated with this except for the bottom, where we went with a drawer that we made to match the three sets of doors above it.


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