After threatening to do it for many years, we finally decided to rip out the cheap excuse for a hutch the builders of our house installed, and replace it something you could actually store stuff in.

Once we worked out the size we wanted, we raided the woodpile for enough walnut to build this:


For the record, it’s slightly over 7 feet tall, and just over 8 feet long. Two glass shelves run the entire length of the upper section, and each of the doors has a mirror behind it. We also installed several small LED light fixtures that are controlled by a switch on the wall next to the cabinet.


This view shows it with the room lights off and the LED’s on.

(In case you’re wondering about all the open space between the lower and upper sections, we designed this with an extra vertical member right in the center. We didn’t install it however, until after we started putting items in the upper section.)

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