They make golf shoes for a reason

Many years ago, my dad, one of my co-workers, his girlfriend, and I headed to a nearby golf course to see if we could dodge raindrops long enough to get nine holes in.

At the seventh tee, my co-worker apparently decided to put his ball in orbit instead of simply putting it in play.

As I recall, he made three full revolutions before landing flat on his back, still clutching his driver in both hands, and asking if anyone happened to get a picture. Unfortunately, no one in the group thought to bring a camera, but between bursts of laughter we concluded that had it been caught on film, it would have had a good chance of winning one of those ‘funniest video’ shows that was on TV at the time.

He actually hit the ball by the way. Quite solidly as I recall, but I can’t say for sure because we never found it. Not within the confines of the course at any rate. Nor did we find it in any of the adjacent yards, so who knows? Maybe it did reach orbit.

Stranger things have been known to happen…. 

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