A Working Title…Revised

Those of you who might have read this previously will notice I’ve removed any reference to what my novel might be about. I’m saving that for a future post once I work out a couple more details.    

I’ve decided, for the time being at least, to call my attempt at literary genius (aka the novel) “The Second Solution”. Thanks, of all things, to Sudoku.

When I first began thinking about writing a novel, it seemed you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing the wildly popular number puzzles, and I thought an addiction to them might be an interesting trait to give one of my characters.

While researching the subject, I ran across an article on Wolfram Alpha that described the math behind the puzzles, and further explained that while each Sudoku has only one solution, it’s theoretically possible for a second solution to exist. The article included the Sudoku below, which does in fact have two valid solutions. While the article states this may be the only such example in existence, I’ve decided to invoke a bit of “literary license”, and create a character who discovers several thousand of these things, and sets out to find the true secret behind them.

Can you find both solutions?

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